Where Is Your God Now?

Reading this piece over at Ozconservative (which I recommend), I was struck by a memory of my brief study of the fall of the Americas during their conquest by the Spaniards. Vermeule (writer of the review about which the blog post speaks) gives this interesting passage: Why do Western liberal academics and EU technocrats object… Continue reading Where Is Your God Now?

What Is Fractional Reserve Banking?

Fractional reserve banking is the standard method of banking in our modern world, but few understand what it really is. At best there might be some vague understanding of how banks operate and make money, but there is little total comprehension. To understand fractional reserve banking, however, one must first understand a little of the… Continue reading What Is Fractional Reserve Banking?

IQ Is The Cherry, Not The Sundae

In discussions regarding racial differences (and their purported nonexistence by those who stand to gain by lying about such things) it is common to misunderstand the argument entirely; to frame the debate in purely utilitarian terms. Even many on the right arguing that racial differences exist fall into this trap, because such debates have a… Continue reading IQ Is The Cherry, Not The Sundae

What Is Inductive Reasoning?

If you’ve ever watched any media that has depicted Arthur Conan Doyle’s ever-popular detective, Sherlock Holmes, you’ve probably heard the term ‘deductive reasoning’ mentioned at least once. It’s what Holmes uses to solve his mysteries, like a sort of Victorian superpower that reveals knowledge to its user. Few of us bother to look into it… Continue reading What Is Inductive Reasoning?

Preferentialism Be My Light

It is no great observation that leftism is structured on fighting for “rights.” From its earliest inception as a viable political paradigm in the eighteenth century, leftists have always claimed to fight for the rights of one group or another, at first God-given but later inherent and implicitly given by Their Unmentionable Gods. Unlike the… Continue reading Preferentialism Be My Light