IQ Is The Cherry, Not The Sundae

In discussions regarding racial differences (and their purported nonexistence by those who stand to gain by lying about such things) it is common to misunderstand the argument entirely; to frame the debate in purely utilitarian terms. Even many on the right arguing that racial differences exist fall into this trap, because such debates have a tendency to veer away from a descriptivist discussion and into a prescriptivist one. Instead of discussing whether racial differences exist and the evidence involved, the discussion turns to the ramifications of these facts and the politics surrounding them. We are told that we only believe in racial differences because we have a horse in the race. That we need to believe that we are superior, that we are stronger, smarter, or whatever else. That we only say that nonwhite people have lower IQs because otherwise we wouldn’t have any excuses to genocide them (as we are so reliably informed excluding them is tantamount to).

And we fall for it.

We say that, yes, we do only like white people because of their record of success. That we only oppose multiracialism and multiculturalism because they don’t lead to successful civilizations, the growth of GDP, innovation, “progress,” or whatever else. That leftism isn’t all that bad if it wasn’t for the fact that it leads ineluctably to the opposite of where it claims to lead. It is the classic obsequious mewling of the conservative in a more rightist guise: that it is a beautiful, a noble thing in theory but that it doesn’t get where it says it will.

Essentially we are saying that if all the brown people in the world had a mean IQ of 100, weren’t nearly so violent, spoke clear English, had tendencies to name their children John and Jane, and had community barbecues on lazy Sunday evenings before hopping off to their offices on Monday we wouldn’t have any concerns about them at all. In point of fact, this is unfortunately true for a large section of the conservative population (and many others besides) who will accept, if not preach and preen about, any nonwhite fitting that general description. It is why the Asian Question is so difficult to answer for many to the right of Donald Trump, and why Asians are so frequently invoked as desirable in arguments against leftists.

Nevertheless, many cannot shake the gut feeling of discomfort when spouting these platitudes. After all, it may be comfy as a hypothetical, but suppose it should actually come to happen? How happy would the average white rightist be to see their neighbors become browner? To see less and less of themselves in the people walking the streets, even if they weren’t littered with trash, crime, and foreign tongues? To feel completely alien to those in magazines and on silver screens, even if the stories and accents remained familiar? How content would the average white be with seeing an Arab face in the history books as the first man on Mars? With seeing a black face printed as the face of an Englishman, a Frenchman, an American, a German? Would many whites like to lie on their deathbeds staring at nothing but Asian doctors and Mestizo nurses?

Let us ask even more drastic questions. How many whites would feel content with recognizing none of their own features in those of their supposed grandchildren? Which white men would not feel a twinge of horror at giving the hands of their daughters to the men who, in ages past, sought to extinguish them? Who, in taking their daughters, are doing so anyway? Which white woman would like to see nothing but a sea of black hair and brown eyes in the children of her supposed community?

Very few. Evolution has a way of relentlessly grinding such suicidal self-hatred out of a population. If it ever came to it, it seems unlikely that the Europeans of the world would do anything other than abandon their slogans of nobility and quietly vote for the man promising more pale faces on the street, no matter how well-mannered their brown fellows are. Not, of course, that with the characteristic poor manners of their actual brown fellows they are ever likely to be forced to choose between a society of magic brownies or a society of whites. Nevertheless, the platitudes remain. It’s not their brownness, their otherness that we object to. It’s anything but. It’s their laziness, their aggression, their lack of ‘assimilation’ (which, of course, is claimed to be hypothetically possible), their low IQs…

Luckily, this line of argument seems to be rapidly disappearing. People are once again realizing the truth of matters that they need no excuse to dislike nonwhites, or to wish them gone. People are realizing that they do not need to justify their own existences or justify advancing their own interests, either as individuals or as a group. Though partly because of the refusal of nonwhites to play the utilitarian game of self-justification, it is notable that whites are coming to the more radical conclusions of these truths on their own. It is one thing to unapologetically wish for illegal nonwhites to be deported or for whites to stop being vilified, but quite another to push for the active advancement of white interests as our ancestors did and as many on the “far-right” are now starting to do.

To put it another way: does any person spend their day trying to convince people they shouldn’t be killed because of their IQ, their achievements, or their general goodness? Does any person try to justify having a family to anyone else? If you were to have a knock on your door and open it to find a man asking “Can you give me any reasons why you should be allowed to have grandchildren?” would your reaction be to say that they’d probably be good people? It seems difficult to believe that the answer to that question would be “yes.” Presuming you are sane, the better bet would be on a response along the lines of “Get lost,” if not “Try and stop me” or something far ruder. If we would not accept this paradigm for our family, would we accept it for our community? Our nation? Our race? Even in our age of weakened communities, it is doubtful that we would. History rather points to a rather extreme repudiation of it.

Should the goodwill of Europeans be completely drained, as is rapidly becoming the case, the results will be entirely predictable. Far from trying to justify merely barring travel from terrorist-spawning countries, Europeans will once again begin colonizing the world with little more than a cry of “Because we can.” Should racial relations become bitter enough, it is not outside of the realm of possibility for nonwhite extinctionism to come into fashion; for people to conclude that ‘never again’ ought to mean something more than platitudes, sentiments, and a dull lesson during childhood education; that perhaps the Romans had it right with regards to Carthage.

Wherever it leads, the truth will remain: whites do not have to justify existing to the nonwhites of the world, and they will stop doing so. No organism has to justify its own existence; such an attitude is not abided by Mother Nature and such people are quickly relegated to sharing ranks with Neanderthals, dodo birds, and pliosaurs. Europeans will either wake up to this reality or they will perish. It doesn’t matter how smart Europeans are, how resourceful we are, or how good we are; none of it justifies our existence to those with whom we compete, just as their desirable qualities will never be able to justify their continuing existence to us. This is nature, reality, and it is time we start acknowledging it as everyone else has. All of the things we love about ourselves are secondary to the fact that we are us and no one else and that we will continue striving for us for that very reason. We cannot keep arguing as if it were any other way, as if any amount of goodness in not-us would make it desirable for them to replace us. To do so not only gives an advantage to our leftist adversaries, it also keeps within us an inherent weakness; an inherent openness to racial suicide.

Sooner or later, there will be no more middle ground. Anyone in politics will have to either declare for white survival or for white extinction. There will be no justifications for either; there can be no justifications for either. To be open to the possibility of racial suicide is to be for eventual racial suicide. Leftists have chosen their side, but can we choose ours?


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